Our old racebike.
At “RACING” you can find her in our archive. It has a long past attached to it. She was brought to life from scratch, here on the workbench. Over the years, the various pilots have tinkered with it and raced with it. Now that we have moved to a younger racing class, we have converted her for street use together with Christophe, who still races in our team. The many racing elements had to be preserved and she had to radiate nostalgia.
The frame is a Poutreframe from Moto Martin and dates from 1974. The engine is a tuned Honda 1100 Bold'Or block. The front suspension is thicker, has a modern interior and custom-milled triple clamps. The petrol tank was custom made by George Martin. The engine mounting and gusset plates are custom made. The swingarm is reinforced. The rear suspension is from Ikon. The seat is custom made and based on a Honda RCB. The half top is from Moto Martin. We did place a modern dashboard from Motogadget on it.